A Maltese artist who shares her time between Malta and Barcelona.

At 28 years of age, and with a Degree in tourism studies, Martina has also taken up art tuition full time at a studio in Barcelona.

There, she mastered techniques and refined her own aesthetic which have been poured into her first collection. Her fascination with the human form, with flesh and with relatability within the contexts she finds herself in, always inspire her artistic output and she hope to continue to explore themes of cultural value in more future work. Her first exhibition titled playa: plajja is a collection inspired by beach culture in the two places she calls home. Studying a year at Estudio Nomada in Barcelona, Martina has now taken part in several collaborative exhibitions in Barcelona too. 

In her second solo exhibition, 26 year old artist Tina Mifsud releases seventeen intimate artworks (points of view) which relate to topics of self-image, life on and off social media, and the societal dynamics that surround the perception of us and our bodies in today's world. Displaying the results of an 18 month process within a raw, abandoned space she has inhabited in Iklin, Mifsud's works have resonated with many from her generation and beyond, for the way they manage to create a safe space in which this sensitive topic can be deliberated. The works are all self-portraits of a confessional nature, displayed at different points of completion, and putting on display the artist's relationship with herself and the work. 

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